How does this work?

We advance funds in multiples of $5,000 secured against your next scheduled MOE payment. The payment from the MOE will pay what is owed to us.

Is the process complicated?

No, not at all! It is quick and simple. We will help you through the whole process.

How much can I get?

We will advance up to 60% of the expected MOE payment, based on the average of your last 3 funding periods.

Can any centre use this service?

Yes, as long as you are licensed and receive your funding from MOE.

How long does it take to get approval?

Once we receive your application and any other required information approval is usually within 24 hours.

How often can I use this facility??

As often as you need to! Use us as and when you need us to assist with your cash flow.

Why use Childcare Funders rather than a bank overdraft?

We encourage you to use any bank facilities you have including an overdraft facility. We assist when the bank may need to say ‘No’ or when you may not want to utilise your house or other assets as collateral.

Am I locked into any long term commitments?

Not at all, This is very much about you utilising this service as and when you need to.

What security do you need?

A. Your scheduled MOE payment is used as security.